About Us


It all began in the spring of 2016 while working in our pastures. I noticed that there were no bees in our clover, and that puzzled me. So after a weekend of research, I was ready for our 1st hive. My son, Mack, and I made a call to a local bee supply store, and a few weeks later, we were driving home with a box of bees and very little knowledge of what to do next. The YouTube video made it look so easy, and the first hive was simple. The hive was located behind my office in downtown Valdosta where I could observe this new endeavor daily. Fast forward to now, we have grown a bit and greatly appreciated our much-needed pollinators. We enjoy every aspect of this industry, from husbandry to habitat management. We know you will enjoy the products that are cultivated under our care.
Thanks, and enjoy!